Second Pistol Ultra Update

Greetings Fellow Pistoler!

Less than 2 weeks until the Pistol party kicks off!  Are you getting excited? We sure are! OK, we’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s get started.

Reminder: We have all the event information you need, available in one, streamlined location for your convenience! Check it out! . And if you missed the previous participant email we sent last month, it is posted on the event website homepage (scroll down towards the bottom.) It contains a LOT of good info!  There is one for the ultra distances and a separate one for the half/full marathoners.

  • We still have a HUGE need for volunteer help! It takes a whole village of volunteers to make this event happen. NEW THIS YEAR!! In addition to the cool volunteer swag, all volunteers can earn a transferable credit towards next year’s Pistol party OR this year’s Ozone Endurance Challenge! Credit dollar amounts will be posted shortly. The Sunday cleanup/take down spots will have the largest credits. So grab your spot(s) now! Would you help us spread the word please?
  • If you have ANY questions about the race, PLEASE look at the website first before emailing us. We have spent hundreds of hours and many thousands of dollars answering virtually every question you may have right there in one easy-to-use spot. Simply use the search feature if you are not sure where to look. Unfortunately we are getting tons of questions that are already answered there. Since our race prep time is very limited and we have things we must do, we may not be able to respond, particularly if your question is already answered on the website. So…READ THE WEBSITE!!!
  • Please review our COVID-19 statement posted on our website home page (scroll down): For everyone’s health and safety, please do not come if you do not agree to abide by it. Thank you.
  • Be sure to check out the special deals that some of our awesome sponsors are offering just for our Pistol family. Scroll down to the bottom of the home page to score.

Double Barrel Runners and 50K/Marathon Combo

  • If you are participating in a Double Barrel challenge or the 50K/Marathon combo, please follow the check-in line for the Double Barrel and 50K/Marathon when you arrive. The check-in volunteer will have both of your bibs.
  • Late Starts: If you are registered as a Double Barrel participant, and you anticipate starting the 50 miler late (after 8 pm Sat.), you MUST notify the Changes/Solutions staff at check-in. They will keep a record to give to the timer Saturday morning, before the event begins. You will also turn in your 50 mile bib to the Changes/Solutions staff at this time; they will hold it at the finish line tent for you. Immediately upon finishing your first distance, you will swap bibs, either giving the first one to the finish line volunteer (who will turn it into the Awards staff, to give back to you upon completion of your second distance) or storing it with your personal things. You must then go inform the timer that you are ready to start the 50 miler, and upon authorization, may start. Once you have completed both your distances, come on in to the Awards area and collect all your hard earned bling.
  • Parking passes for Double Barrel, 100K, and 100M runners by the Start/Finish area will be emailed to you closer to race day. Those lots will fill up, so we suggest you arrive early if you want a spot. All other distances, please review the maps at to see where you need to park.

Race Weekend Notes for ALL Runners

  • Our PT doc, Jeanne Williams, still has a few Friday prerace therapy slots open at the expo. Grab yours before they’re gone. Jeanne has an incredible talent for saving many people’s races. Some even before they started. Let her help you too. Sign up now:
  • Reminder: Tennessee State law prohibits all firearms and alcohol on school property. This includes throwing empties out, even in the trash/dumpster. Don’t do it! We don’t make the laws, but we will abide by them.
  • One of the biggest reasons why we see overnight runners not complete their distance is because they are not prepared for the early spring weather. This oftentimes is as simple as they do not dress warmly enough for the cool (sometimes cold) nights. Of course rain can make it even worse, if you’re not prepared. So please, come prepared. Have enough warm, dry clothes available and a way to stay dry, should it rain. We want to see everyone succeed!
  • We have received word that Camille Herron unfortunately will not be able to join us as planned this year. However we are excited to announce that Billy “The 100 Mile Slayer” Richards will be coming instead. In case you’ve not heard/seen Billy’s accomplishments, here’s a link to his amazing bio:

Billy will be presenting the 2:30-4 PM workshop titled: “Ultrarunning Preparation and Strategy: What Works and What Doesn’t.” He’s definitely had a lot of experience at this to share with you to help you avoid the pitfalls! There are still a few spots available for only $10 at the door. Then his 5 pm prerace meeting keynote speech is titled “What it’s Like to Run Thirty Five 100 milers in One Year”. He will give you the nitty gritty of what he just completed this past year. Less than 5 people have succeeded at this incredible accomplishment. And Billy’s the only one to have done all of them proudly carrying our American flag the entire time! You won’t want to miss seeing and hearing his amazing story first hand!

  • As you know, the coronavirus is having a major (and tragic) impact on China (along with a growing number of other countries). Fortunately, we’ve still been able to receive almost everything that we ordered from there months ago. The only exception are the 100K medals and 100 mile buckles newly designed for this year (we will have display prototypes on onsite). We still have a number of the original style for both distances, but not enough for everyone. So if you’re a finisher in either of those distances, our Awards team will offer you your choice of either one (for as long as the original ones last). If you select the new style, you will be presented with the base. The medal will be mailed to you as soon as it’s available (expected next month) along with your customized metal plate to mount on the front of your base.
  • The course and near-world-famous Woody’s Aid Station location have changed this year. We stoked to also have a fourth aid station, hosted by our Back of the Pack Elite friends. So if you’ve run the event before, it’s different! Check it the new course: 
  • We will NOT be reviewing the course during the pre-race meeting this year. Please familiarize yourself with the maps at before you arrive. There will also be a map on site in the Pistol Corral during the event. The courses will have two colors of directional arrows on the pavement: green for the metric (50K/100K) and orange for the imperial (50 mile/100 mile). Half/full marathon will follow the metric and then do an additional short out-n-back on the same course to complete their distances (see the website for details).
  • Do you have your pistol squat perfected and ready for the contest during the Friday 5 PM pre-race meeting? The top M/F winners (most pistol squats in 2 minutes) will win their registration fee back in cash on the spot!
  • The safety of our runners and volunteers is extremely important. If there is lightning, strong winds, or other potentially dangerous weather in the area, those out on the course or outside at the start/finish area are strongly encouraged to immediately take cover and shelter in place until it is safe to resume activity. Since the course is approximately 5 miles linear, there is no way to immediately extract all runners, or immediately call the race. While the race management will attempt to notify those who are potentially in harm’s way, it is the responsibility of each individual runner, pacer, and volunteer to monitor the conditions and take whatever action is necessary to maintain their personal safety at all times. If such weather happens just prior to the scheduled start of a race, the start of that race may have a weather delay until the race management deems it is safe to start, based on the available information. If the race management determines that the weather delay is long enough, they will announce whether the race cut-off will be extended, or whether the race will be cancelled altogether.
  • There are four aid stations along the course. The middle two (Leaping Leprechauns & Back of the Pack Elite) will have limited hydration, snacks, and supplements available. The other two stations (Woody’s and the Main Aid Station at the Start/Finish) will have their incredible smorgasbord of all kinds of food. So much that you may never want to leave! 
  • Bib numbers have been assigned for all runners who registered prior to February 29, and are available by checking The remainder will be assigned prior to check-in. Also those who have changed distance will be updated.
  • Even though the Pistol Party is a few days after St. Patrick’s Day, we will still be celebrating it. So come dressed for the better-late-than-never St. Patrick’s Day party!
  • Are you part of a large running club coming to the Pistol? Be sure to find your group’s banner in along the start line barricades and snap a group photo to share with us!
  • Your family and friends can track your progress using this live tracking link during the race (it will also be posted on the website during the race):
  • NEW THIS YEAR! We have a PR/BQ gong at the finish line. Yup, not a wimpy little bell, but a huge (almost 2’) gong! We can’t wait to congratulate and celebrate everyone of you who PR and/or qualify for Boston and get to strike it! This is going to be AWESOME!! (Hopefully the neighbors will agree!)

Swag and Sponsors 

OK, that’s it for this update. If time permits, we’ll try to have one more brief, final update prior to the race. Either way, we can’t wait to see you all at the Pistol party real soon!

Will and the Pistol Ultra team

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