COVID-19 Statement

Hi Pistol Family!

With an increasing number of reported  COVID-19 (coronavirus) incidences, we want to address possible concerns that runners, staff, volunteers, and others may have about our upcoming event and what is being done.

We have considered that exposure to COVID-19 virus may be possible at our event. (See CDC website here for more info.) We have also determined that each participant is solely responsible for their own decision to participate in our event and by willingly doing so, accepts full and complete responsibility for any and all risks that may be present, no matter what they are. If anyone is uncomfortable with this or unwilling to accept this responsibility, then they should not attend.

We have also consulted with local authorities and are monitoring and following federal, state and local guidelines and recommendations as they become available, as well as following industry best practices and policies. Currently there have not been any state- or county-wide recommendations to cancel an event such as ours. So at the present time, we have no plans to cancel or reschedule our race.

Our cancellation policy remains the same. You will find it on the event website here.

Runners may notice some updates or changes at our races, specifically at check-in, the start/finish area, aid stations, awards area, food service and other locations, to decrease the likelihood of viral transmission. These steps will be done with the goal of limiting disruption to how we normally operate our races and how volunteers, runners, pacers, and crews experience our events while simultaneously doing the best we can to keep everyone safe.

Policies and procedures include things such as the use of hand sanitizer if utilizing an aid station, food handling changes such as using tongs and spoons in all general serving food bowls, increased usage of small single serve cups, personal protection equipment like gloves for volunteers whenever feasible, encouraging runners to open their own water bottles for a volunteer to refill at aid stations, continued enforcement of our cupless policy, and not storing/maintaining any reusable cups/service ware at aid stations.

Here is what you, as a participant, should do:

  • Don’t panic!
  • Stay home if you are sick!
  • Wash you hands frequently with soap and warm water (20+ seconds recommended)
  • Cover your cough/sneeze with the inside of your arm/elbow and face away from people/food surfaces
  • Use common sense, especially when around all food/drink service areas, restrooms/portables, and other communal areas. (This is particularly important but increasing difficult as the ultra brain fog settles in. We get it!)
  • Be very mindful of touching your face. Always wash or sanitize your hands after using the restroom/portable toilet, sneezing or coughing on to your hand, blowing your nose, and before eating or touching your face
  • Please sanitize your hands as you come into each aid station, especially before you touch the dispensing valve on a cooler or any other communal items such as service ware, Vaseline bottles, etc. (We have what we hope will be enough hand sanitizer for everyone at this event. Please use it wisely.)
  • Do not touch food you are not going to eat!
  • Do not put your personal gear on the serving tables
  • Step back from the serving area before eating/drinking
  • Be courteous, agreeable, and patient with volunteers who may ask you to sanitize your hands before proceeding, and/or recommend that you access things differently (or not at all), and/or want to help you with your food/drink, etc.
  • Ask a volunteer to serve you food from communal containers instead of getting it yourself
  • If possible, remove the lid of your water bottle/bladder and hold it for a volunteer to fill with fluid from a pitcher
  • If you do not wish to use hand sanitizer or have any concerns about possible transmission of the virus at our aid stations, plan to bring your own drink/snacks and self support
  • Parents: Please supervise your children near any communal spaces, particularly at the food table (no tiny hands grabbing snacks, please)

In general, many of these good health polices and procedures should already be practiced in your everyday life to help maintain good health and reduce the risk of disease transmission. We are just continuing them here at the Pistol as well.

If we have to make any changes that significantly alter the outstanding Pistol race experience that everyone has come to expect, we will do our best to communicate that in advance. Our goal, as always, is to provide the best possible experience for everyone involved. We see no reason at this time why we cannot continue to do that with your cooperation and support. Working together, we will have an awesome time!

We wish you and your loved ones good health and happy running! We can’t wait to see each of you at the Pistol party!


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